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Finding Blogging Inspiration When You're Burnt Out

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

These days, it isn’t simply enough to have a blog on your website — you need to have an active blog, as well. A regularly updated blog lets the visitors to your site know that your business is alive and thriving. Blogging, of course, raises your SEO results, giving your business a boost. For the greatest success, it is usually recommended to post in-depth, weekly blogs that are engaging and a mixture of headers, subheaders, photos, and video. Now, this all sounds terrific in theory, but there is, of course, just one problem — what do you do when you feel like you’ve exhausted every relevant topic for your blog? What happens when you just don’t feel like writing anymore?

Well, first of all, take heart — blogger burnout is common, and there are a variety of ways to help re-inspire your posts.

Look at Similar Blogs In a Different Way

When you’re feeling burnt out, your first reaction might be to browse the blogs of similar businesses or niches, but doing this will often leave you feeling negative, competitive, and even more burnt out than before. If you do choose to check out a blog that’s similar to your own, make sure to keep your perspective positive. Is there something you can learn from the blog that could enhance your own? Is there even a connection that could be made? Blogging is still an incredible social tool for networking, and bloggers often use their connections to further boost their traffic.

Read Something Different

Truthfully, one of the best things you can do is to read something that isn’t a blog. Scan the news for topics that might inspire your own writing, flip through a magazine, and even consider topic areas completely outside of your usual area of expertise. You may be surprised to find inspiration for your wedding business, for instance, in the pages of Newsweek, but maybe there’s an article that makes you think of an exciting blog topic. Inspiration often comes in unlikely places. Don’t forget, too, about the power of the classic novel or book. Reading the works of other people lets you explore other styles and ways of writing that may just inspire your own.

Take a Break

We live in a technology-driven world where nothing ever seems to shut-off. Our phones are constantly dinging and buzzing, and they never leave our side. Sometimes, the greatest source of inspiration comes from a walk outside, away from technology, to refresh and let your mind wander. Consider having a schedule for your social media and email posts and checks. Overloading yourself with the online world is a surefire way to quickly burnout on the entire thing. It may sound overly simple, and even counterintuitive, but take time for yourself away from your blog from time to time. Find your own creative outlet, write about something unrelated to your blog, listen to inspiring music, spend time with friends or family, or make lists of must-dos and concerns.

Change Your Routine

Consider changing your blogging routine. For example, if you usually sit at your desk in your home office to write, try writing at your local coffee shop, instead. If you usually blog early in the morning, try typing away in the afternoons. A change of scenery or tradition can make a world of difference.

Hire Some Help

There’s no question — managing an online presence is hard. Often, the best thing you can do for your time and energy is to hire a professional to maintain your blog for you. A marketing service, like Bamboo, will give you time to focus on all of the other aspects of running your business that you miss out on when you’re busy trying to churn out another blog or social media post. Plus, Bamboo knows how to create the right kind of content that can drive your website’s traffic, so you don’t have to spend valuable time researching for your blog and hoping for the best.

If You’re Feeling Burnt Out, It’s Time to Step Back

When you go to write a blog post, and find you just aren’t feeling it, it’s time to figure out a new plan. Do you just need some time away from your blog? Should you look into outsourcing your blog to a professional?

Whatever you decide, remember — an active blog attracts new visitors and is an essential part of your website. Don’t let feelings of burnout keep you from engaging your potential base.

Have you experienced blogger burnout before? How did you deal with the feeling? Let us know in the comments.

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