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Why It Helps to Hire a Team of Bloggers

If you want to grow your online platform, you need a blog. A blog is a perfect way to draw in potential customers, boost your SEO, and set yourself up as someone knowledgeable in your industry. If your blog posts are engaging and helpful, readers will be more likely to read more posts and look into your services further, turning clicks into leads. But a blog can take a lot of time and needs to remain engaging consistently. That’s why sometimes it’s best to turn it over to a team of bloggers.

More Time to Do What You Do Best

If you’re a realtor, or a lawyer, or a fashion designer, chances are you didn’t go into that business to blog about the industry once a week: you went into it to sell houses or win cases or make beautiful clothes. For some, it can be interesting to share their own insights on the industry they’re passionate about occasionally, and hiring a blog team won’t stop you from doing so. What it will do is save you hours each month that could be spent tackling your most pressing concerns. With a team of bloggers, you won’t have to worry about staying consistent on your blog or using the right keywords and SEO practices. Your team will take care of that for you, and you can focus on what you do best.

Professional Bloggers Are Specialists

There are many aspects to running a business, including digital marketing. A skilled entrepreneur with plenty of time might be able to do a few of them well, but it’s a different thing entirely to have your blogs handled by people specifically qualified to write your blogs. Bloggers understand aspects of blogging and how it can help grow business in ways that busy entrepreneurs sometimes don’t. They understand how to communicate the information they need to in an engaging, creative way. They also understand the metrics of blogging — what kind of blog posts are likely to get the most clicks, and how to encourage further interaction beyond that blog post.

Bloggers Speak Your Customer’s Language

When it comes to your industry, you’re the expert — and sometimes that can be a disadvantage. Have you ever heard a scientist talk about their findings or a car mechanic rattle off streams of jargon and thought, “I have no idea what they’re saying?” Sometimes when you get so deeply involved in your industry, you start to speak like, well, someone in your industry. The problem is your customers don’t speak that language, and it can often leave them confused and frustrated. Bloggers serve as a sort of middle-person. They can take all those helpful tips and insights that you have and make them accessible to anyone, regardless of whether they’re an expert in your industry.

You’re Sure to Find the Voice You Want

Okay, so all of that explains why you should hire a professional blogger for your website. But why should you hire a team of bloggers? There are a few reasons: for one thing, there are more hands on deck to make sure that your blogs are done on time and done right. Perhaps more importantly, though, you’ll have more choice when it comes to the voice of your blogs. Often when hiring just one blogger, you’re taking a chance that one person will be able to effectively communicate the content of your blog in the way that you want. However, when you hire a team of bloggers, you have a few options. If one blogger isn’t working out for you, someone else in the team will.

Interested in growing your business through the use of a blog, with the help of a team of bloggers? Contact Bamboo Marketing Today to set up a call for a free quote.

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