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Social Media​

Let's face it.
You wear all the hats.

You already have too much to do.

Now you're expected to be a social media expert and content writer as well...?


Not anymore. 

Trust the experts to handle the content on your feeds so that you can focus on some of your other "hats". 

Professional, Branded, and Engaging Social Media Content for Your Business

We post the highest quality social content straight to your social profiles in order to:

  • Showcase your knowledge, expertise & build trust

  • Save you time researching, creating and posting every day of the week

  • Outshine the competition with personality and consistency​

  • Organically network with followers friends and families​

  • Increase repeat business and referrals

  • "Pre-sell" clients, so they are ready to work with you by the time they give you a call

bamboo shoot_AdobeStock_289023692.png
Image by Daniel Fazio

The thing that first jumped out at me after starting work with Kerri and her team at Bamboo Marketing was their excellent choice of images and words for my social posts. The images are often colorful and eye-catching. They have a sense of style that is eye-catching and pleasing.

It is clear that everyone at
Bamboo Marketing takes the time to research their customers so that their posts are relevant and well done!

Ruy Garcia-Zamor

Bamboo is fantastic, responsive and on top of her game.


Communication is prompt and she has a great network of people who seem to jump in and help and the best possible times.

They're the best!

- Thomas Toth, Photographer

Engaged Feeds =

Buying Customers

We understand the correlation between an engaged audience and conversion rates. We use our industry knowledge and insights to get the high levels of engagement across all channels, ultimately resulting in a trusting and purchase -ready audience.

What We Do
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Instagram Realtor Example.png

What we provide

Consistent Posts Every Week

No more gaps on your social feeds.
We keep the consistency going.

Fun, Shareable, Engaging Content

Posts are crafted to be fun, engaging, sharable and also, to showcase you as an expert. 


Content includes quotes, tips, humorous posts and trending non-competitive industry articles.

Email Support

Questions? Contact us anytime and a dedicated account manager will get back to you promptly. 

Professional Content

Our in-house team includes marketing and SEO experts, professional writers and professional graphic designers, all contributing to your content. Put our skills and expertise to work for you.

Search Optimized Content

We consistently research the most trending keywords and #hashtags to ensure that your posts are showing in these feeds!

Posted For You

Other companies do all the work to craft the content, then simply email it to you to post yourself. We offer a full-service solution. You focus on being amazing while we focus on showcasing that online!

Tracking & Analytics

We analyze detailed reports month over month to determine what topics are trending, what content is getting the most engagement, and what are the best times of day to post. 

All of this data goes into honing your posts to be the best they can be. 

Shortened Links

Shortened links are not only clean and professional, but they help us collect additional data on every post.

Royalty Free Images

You've likely heard horror stories about companies and individuals paying tens-of-thousands of dollars for using imagery that they do not own the rights to. We take these worries away as all images we provide are 100%-royalty free.

Realtor Twitter Example 2.png
Realtor Twitter Example 3.png
Realtor Twitter Example.png
Industry Research

We dive into the most recent shared content, conversations, hashtags, topics and trends buzzing around the industry and make sure your social profiles are on top of all of these trends. 

No Contracts / Cancel Anytime

We make it easy to get started, and just as easy to stop. (Though we doubt you'll want to!) 

Get started now, let's chat

Leave it to us.

How it works... It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!


• We Research

• We Plan

• We Strategize

• We Design

• We Gather


• We Engage

• We Optimize

• We Watch

• We Listen

• We Communicate


• That's It!

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