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  • Bamboo Marketing

    “The thing that first jumped out at me after starting work with Kerri and her team at Bamboo Marketing was their excellent choice of images and words for my social posts. The images are often colorful and eye-catching. They have a sense of style that is eye-catching and pleasing. It is clear that everyone at Bamboo Marketing takes the time to research their customers so that their posts are relevant and well done!”

    CEO, Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law, LLC

  • Bamboo Marketing

    “I can't express enough how much I love the Branding Guide I bought from Bamboo. It has been so inspiring, and helpful to refer to.”

    Owner, Black Market Monsters

  • Bamboo Marketing

    “Bamboo is fantastic, responsive and on top of their game. Communication is prompt and they have a great network of people who seem to jump in and help and the best possible times. They're the best!!”


  • Bamboo Marketing

    “Bamboo was able to expand on our own inhouse marketing with some fantastic and innovative ideas. We're very happy with the work done!”

    CDJ Enterprises

  • Bamboo Marketing

    “When it comes to creative ideas for digital marketing, Kerri is a dynamo. Her team handles everything from Facebook ads to social media posts, blogs, and even finding influencers. She has a team of content writers (rather than just one blogger) to make sure that her clients get written content that works for them. They're also great at staying up to date on the latest trends in social media and content marketing. I'd recommend Bamboo to anyone feeling overwhelmed with the task of trying to promote their business online.”

    The Tomato Hub

  • Bamboo Marketing

    “Kerri said enough that I knew she was smart, creative, has incredible expertise and recognizes that this is a co-creation, but will take it and run with it as well. Great personal, communication skills as well.”

    Owner, The Hairport Salon