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Dental Digital Marketing



Why your practice should be on social media


Social Media Marketing:


Social media has not only become one of the most influential tools to help individuals choose where they will take their business -  but it is also an effective and on-going way to remind current patients to come in for regular check-ups, cleanings and dental work.  If your practice is not using social media you are absolutely leaving additional business on the table for another office to retrieve and retain.

Social media can help with:


  • Increased client base

  • Increased repeat business

  • SEO

  • Online Reputation Management

  • Professional Clout

  • Building brand trust and loyalty


…and more.


Contact Us today to get started building your social presence.  


What We Do: 


The moment you place your order we get to work learning about you and your practice.  We research local competition to see what they are doing (and how we can do it better!)  We then begin to craft engaging and meaningful content that will get your office noticed!  


NOTE: Posts include: shortened links, appropriate hashtags, royalty-free images, and your business promotions, all posted at the most ideal times to reach your target audience. 




*Twitter Interaction: (Included in Social Influence Package) Thanking new followers and directing them to website and/or promo content.  


*Lead Tracking: Monitoring hashtags for conversations about anything dentistry related in your geographical location so you may respond with an offer to assist.  


*Lead Management: Monitoring for dentistry conversations in your geographical area and responding with appropriate invites to come to your practice.


*Custom Cover Image for Facebook, Twitter, Google+





If you don't already have pages and profiles in place, we can help.  Each profile will contain a bio, your logo, an appropriate and eye-catching header and details about your practice that are optimized for search. 



Other Suggested Marketing Services...




Blogging is the current frontrunner in content marketing.  Not only do regular blogs have a HUGE impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but blogs also help to:


  • Educate clients

  • Ease their concerns about procedures

  • Encourage regular appointments





 – Post the blog directly to your site.


 – A high quality, royalty-free picture is added and optimized with tags.




Listing Distribution: 


Listing distribution ensures that your business address, phone number, email and website show up, and are correct across 300 different online directories.  This way, no matter what directory a client searches for dental services, they will find you.  


Click here for more information. 



Reputation Management: 


Let us monitor the web for any and all mentions of your business.  When they appear, we will highlight the awesome reviews through social media, and make you aware of any negative reviews so they can be addressed right away.  We can even create a request for reviews that can be showcased to your current clients. 


Together, we can make sure your online reputation shines as bright as the smiles you care for!


Click here for more information.




Contact us we can discuss your needs, create a customized digital marketing plan and an ideal pricing plan for it all. 



With the end of the year approaching, now is the perfect time to remind your clients to get in for their final cleanings and dental work before 2016.  Let us help get the word out, increase your client satisfaction, return business and entire client base this year and from now on!


We look forward to speaking with you!


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