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We're Marketers at Heart - and - Real People Who Care

One of the features we highlight about Bamboo is FLEXIBILITY - because we know that a successful marketing plan is flexible enough to

change with the seasons, digital trends and the and changes in your industry...


Looking through our services you'll find the ones that are the most promiently needed - but that doesn't mean that is all we can do.  


Every professional on our team has a long list of skills and we are always happy to help with more!  Once you are a client,

you aren't just a number, your business becomes ours and we are just as passionate about promoting it as you are.  

Once we get to know your business, we continue to research your target market and brainstorm and suggest any new ideas

we feel may help you reach them.  


...Think of us as an addition to your own team, your personal marketing department - complete with 

real people who care about making a real difference in your business. 


Some other services that we are well-practiced in helping with and we can build into a customized

strategy for you include: 


  • Email Marketing

  • Web Design

  • RSS Syndication 

  • Press Releases

  • Press Release Distribution

  • LinkedIn Group Marketing

  • Facebook Group Marketing

  • G+ Circle Marketing

  • Ad Posting

  • Market Research

  • PR Projects

  • Presentation Materials

  • Power Point Presentations

  • Holiday Greeting Cards


Unlike larger companies that are overly rigid in their offerings, we aim

to be like Bamboo: 


Strong (in our skills).  


Flexible (in our strategies).  


Rooted (in our ethos).  


We are here to Grow your business along with a wonderful relationship that will Endure for years to come!


...We look forward to getting started right away!


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