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"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind."

What Makes Us Different...?

Strength, Flexibility & Experience

Unlike the cookie-cutter plans and packages provided by many agencies, we start by: 


1) Identifying your goals


2) Crafting a custom plan that we think will mee those goals.


3) Tracking and analyzing progress


4) Finally, if something isn't working - we pivot! 


Quality marketing is all about testing and pushing what works, and optimizing as we go. You won't simply be charged for services month over month that are not helping your business.


Our goal is to constantly increase your ROI. 


We love to build and grow together. We are invested in our client's long-term success. After all, the more money you make, the more you have to pass to us for additional marketing services.


"Kerri is fantastic, responsive and on top of her game. Communication is prompt and she has a great network of people who seem to jump in and help and the best possible times. She's the best!!"

"Kerri at Bamboo Marketing is great to work with, she is always looking out for our best interest and knows her industry very well! We will refer this company to other businesses for sure."

Heidi Smith, Zen on the Run Inc.                       

"Kerri said enough that I knew she was smart, creative, has incredible expertise and recognizes that this is a co-creation, but will take it and run with it as well. Great personal, communication skills as well."

"Kerri is very professional and dedicated to her job.  I loved working with her. Her personality is just a breath of fresh air and it is great to see in today's world."

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Does your business continue to grow, adapt and change with the ever altering marketing landscape? 


If you do not have a full-service marketing department - the answer is likely no.


Even with a talented individual at the helm of your marketing plans - a one person marketing department is ill-equipped to masterfully manage all aspects of an effective full-scale marketing plan.


Instead of hiring a different guru to manage: your site, your SEO, your blog, your brand, your reputation, your social media...and all other aspects of your business - leave it to us.  Our team and marketing efforts have a proven track record of:


Strength. Flexibility. & Endurance


…all which help to foster your businesses




Contact us today to see exactly how we can help grow a beautifully strong and beautifully effective Bamboo Marketing Solution for your business.

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