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“You can spend every penny you have on a website but it will all be for nothing if nobody knows your site is there.” 

Marc Ostrofsky

Website Optimization & Support


Website support services is an ongoing monthly subscription that allows for you to have round-the clock support for site problems and continued site optimization checks and edits. 


With your monthly subscription, you can request unlimited tasks (30 minutes or less to complete) for a single website.  We work weekends!!!  We guarantee completion of your task within 12 – 24 hours for most orders, 24/7. When we can’t respond in that time frame, we’ll let you know right away and tell you when you can expect the work to be completed.



We help with:


  • Troubleshooting (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP)


  • Database Errors


  • CSS styling


  • Content population


  • Image manipulation


  • WordPress consulting (advice and support)


  • Plugin installation and implementation (Professional & Platinum Plans)


  • WordPress & Plugin Updates


  • Custom plugin configuration



Don't spend anymore time wondering if your site is set up to draw traffic - let us ensure that it is - from now on!


Click here for prices. 


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